Fitness Training at Home – Effective Exercises for Women

Effective fitness exercises for at home

Many women love fitness training – at least when the framework conditions are right. There are a few factors that can significantly slow down the female vigor in fitness training. This includes overcrowded fitness studios, which literally ask for circulatory collapse with warm, humid air, as well as sweaty training equipment on which the attentive previous user apparently refrained from “covering” the device with a towel out of politeness. In any case, a visit to the fitness studio – at least in the summer months – is usually quite similar to a short vacation in overcrowded hotels on the Mediterranean.

Fitness training for women can also be really pleasant if you don’t necessarily depend on the motivating nature of a fitness studio. Without a doubt, effective muscle building training or a targeted weight loss program for women is most effective when professional dumbbells and equipment from a gym can be used to shape the stomach, legs and buttocks in such a way that as every woman wishes. If a simple split training plan for women is used, which only provides for the stimulation of certain muscle groups on certain training days, some fitness exercises can also be performed at home . With appropriate bodyweight exercises, devices are not absolutely necessary to trigger the stimulation necessary for muscle building in women.

In this article we show you some effective fitness exercises for at home, which can replace at least one or the other gear in the more or less beloved gym if there is an acute lack of time. If you’ve read our article on the basics of fitness training for women, you will know that with us you won’t get around basic exercises like squats or deadlifts . Even if such “complicated” exercises seem daunting at first, you will quickly notice that precisely these exercises (some of which are also suitable for at home) are the fastest and most effective way to get a firm bottom and a sexy beach figure!

Make your home a gym!

Create enough space somewhere, whether in the kitchen, basement or living room! A couple of dumbbells or equivalent weights (e.g. kettlebells) are essential basic equipment at home. If you want to train at all costs, you can use two watering cans in an emergency! Motivation makes everything possible!

You should also be able to count a soft pad in your inventory to protect your body if your back, arms or legs are on the floor during the exercise. If you don’t necessarily want to walk into town to the nearest sporting goods retailer and then have to drag the heavy dumbbell set across the pedestrian zone to the car behind you, you can easily order online. Maybe this will even result in a nice chat with the postman!

Home from the gym!

In the following, we will show you some of the best exercises that were originally adapted from the pure weight training area to intensify home training at home. These exercises are generally not pure isolation exercises that only stimulate a single muscle group, but rather challenge your whole body to perform correctly. This not only maximizes fat burning, but also enables targeted muscle stimulation for effective muscle building in women. In this way, not only do the pounds drop, but your problem areas become your very own “showcase zone” in the long term thanks to tighter muscles!

One of the best exercises for training at home are the “Wide Sumo Squats”. This version of the squat combines classic squats with a wide stance variant that is actually known from the deadlift (“sumo stance”). This exercise shifts the primary muscular strain in the thigh from the quadriceps (quadriceps femoris muscle) to the adductors and abductors of the leg and hip muscles (the muscles that are responsible for abducting = spreading away and adducting = pulling the leg closer) due to the wider stance. Not only does this keep your thighs firm, it also takes a toll on your torso and back. A really effective full body exercise that is explained in detail in this video.

This classic exercise should not be missing in any training plan for women! Lunges are a really intense form of training that can be done almost anywhere. The exercise can be modified and intensified with many variants (e.g. long lunges with stretching, lunges on a weight bench or with weights such as dumbbells) and is therefore the ideal all-round exercise for an extremely firm bottom, tight legs and sexy abdominal muscles, which with the lunges don’t miss out either! The following video explains in detail how to perform lunges or lunges.

The actual abdominal muscle training must of course not be neglected. To avoid a muscular imbalance , women in particular have to attach great importance to training their entire skeletal muscles evenly. After every intense workout with a high proportion of the back (squats, deadlifts and lunges can, depending on the execution, put a lot of strain on the lower back extensor), the antagonist (in this case the woman’s abdominal muscles) must also be used so that the training effects do not go in a negative direction turn down. In this overview you will find some exercises for at home that not only prevent muscular imbalance, but also specifically burn fat. The following exercises not only lead to attractive abdominal muscles, but also improve intramuscular coordination and challenge your balance!

The classic side support is an exercise with which women (in addition to their lateral abdominal muscles) are also very efficient with coordination and a sense of balance can improve. The body is straightened up to the side, the legs are (usually) stretched out, one arm serves as a support, the other is stretched about 90 ° away from the trunk. Beginners can bend their legs to improve balance. The core muscles should be fully tensed so that the training effect is maximized.

The classic leg raises is a good preparation for extremely effective abdominal muscle exercises that even challenge biceps, legs and back at the same time (e.g. “windshield wipers” – also known as “windshield wipers”). In the classic variant, in addition to a padded base, it is advisable to have a firmly fixed object (e.g. banister) within reach so that the exercise remains error-free. After you have positioned yourself on the surface, you grab the railing with your arms above your head to fix yourself. The legs and body are elongated, the trunk is tensed, and the legs are raised. The angle between thigh and calf is about 180 °. During the execution, the legs are raised by a maximum of 80 ° and then lowered again to just before the floor so that the tension in the abdominal muscles is not lost.

This exercise can be intensified further when the lowering and raising of the legs alternately take place at an angle to the side. Here, however, you should make sure that the back and lumbar vertebrae are not twisted in order to rule out damage to health. If the exercise is performed on the floor, the arms can be used at an angle of about 45 ° for lateral support on the floor. Alternatively, with straight leg raises, the pelvis can also be lifted for a few seconds while the legs are about 90 ° to the floor. Then the pelvis is put down and the legs are lowered again to just before the floor and raised again. As a rule, 10-15 repetitions in 3 sets are sufficient to achieve intense stimulation of the upper, lower and lateral abdominal muscles.

Learn the basics of training!

I’m being honest with you: If you expect that you can achieve brilliant training results with a few muscle building exercises per week, you are wrong. Muscle building training at home also costs time, energy and demands a lot of energy.

So that you do not sink into depression when training in your own four walls due to stagnating training success, you should simply acquire the essential training and nutritional basics. The time invested pays off a million times over! You can eat more, incorporate cheat days into your diet, train more effectively and still make significantly faster training progress. Even when losing weight.

It doesn’t matter how effective your fitness training is: If you don’t pay attention to your diet, you will have to wait a long time for your dream body. You don’t even have to forego all delicious things, just discover the optimal nutrient plan for your body so that your training leads to success!

That is why we have prepared vegan, vegetarian and normal nutrition plans specially designed for the body type of women, which optimally support you during training!

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