How do I lose weight? Weight loss guide for targeted fat burning

How do I lose weight quickly and effectively?

Thousands of reports and discussions about this question every day – and above all – benefits from it. Unprofessional and incorrect weight-loss tips not only lead to demotivating failures when losing weight, but can also be really expensive! Your wallet and health often pay a high price for thoughtless attempts to lose weight.

Anyone who follows a radical diet or strange weight-loss tips from various commercial magazines will quickly be caught up in reality. Hard weight loss programs present the body with a particularly great challenge – if important basic physical requirements such as strong muscles, sufficient endurance or an intact metabolism are lacking, success quickly becomes rare. Questionable diets even get good results in losing body fat. But this is primarily due to the fact that all other factors are neglected.

The basic weight loss rule ” energy consumption ” aims at an energy deficit and almost runs through it every diet plan – with often catastrophic consequences for health, muscle building and metabolic regulation .

This weight loss guide for effective fat burning shows you how efficient weight loss works. We have put together a large number of interesting articles on the subject of weight loss, muscle building and nutrition and processed them in this guide.

How proper nutrition stimulates fat burning

A balanced and healthy diet is essential for losing weight. Conventional diets lead to weight loss almost exclusively through energy deficits and measure the success rate through changes in body weight. A professional diet plan, on the other hand, would banish body scales and fundamentally restructure energy intake.

Representative weight loss successes are not brought about by refusing to eat – this damages the body sustainably and rather contributes to the regular enjoyment of culinary hospital meals. But how do I lose weight?

Long-term weight loss success can only be achieved through a targeted combination of diet, training and lifestyle. Furthermore, many people differ in their metabolic type. We have covered the 3 different body types – ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph in separate articles.

A healthy diet primarily takes three nutrients into account: Proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates . We have summarized a detailed description and explanation of the nutrients in our article on proper nutrition during fitness training. These nutrients are essential for building muscle mass, for regulating metabolic processes and for burning fat. If they are missing, the metabolic processes can only take place slowly and to a limited extent. Radical crash diets are not aimed at building muscle and tend to neglect the high-energy nutrients (especially proteins) in order to achieve faster results. In another article we have listed some natural foods for building muscle and burning fat that are safe to consume.

But amino acids and proteins in particular are essential for a functioning metabolism, i.e. vital. protein deficiency has particularly dramatic effects: If the body does not provide enough protein through food (e.g. during a diet), it tries to compensate for the deficiency itself. The body’s own proteins are metabolized, which are “built up” in the muscles, among other things. The consequence is excessive muscle loss, which quickly becomes noticeable through radical weight loss .

Dubious weight loss guides book weight loss as success in losing weight – but that has nothing to do with fat burning! The body recovers quite quickly after several weeks of dieting torture, but reacts to the previous stressful situations and stores even more fat with a normalized food intake in order to be prepared for further emergency situations. With this, the body does not take revenge, just the cognitive dissonance that prevails in many heads.

A conventional diet can also include protein supplements such as Whey protein or casein are supported. The additional intake of protein shakes has many advantages: On the one hand, proteins are very satiating and thus reduce the risk of sudden cravings in the refrigerator, on the other hand, sufficient availability of free amino acids ensures constant muscle growth in the resting phases

A healthy diet alone is often not enough to lose weight quickly. The main cause of obesity is a lack of exercise! Many people often sit in the office for hours in order to drive home for another hour after work. Once there, the motivation is usually only enough to prepare a frozen pizza – an intensive workout is then no longer possible.

A cardio unit can do you really well: Cardio training in the morning not only has the highest effectiveness in burning fat , but also stimulates the metabolism, releases many hormones that have a positive effect bring, relieves stress and makes you fit for the day. After a workout, mental performance and resilience are significantly increased – so even work can benefit from cardio training! Another advantage: The so-called “afterburn phase” describes an increased metabolic activity that can be observed even a few hours after training. The afterburn phase leads to an increased energy expenditure in the regeneration time after training and also stimulates the fat burning. Cardio training before work leads to improved fat burning in the office chair.

If you prefer to do a jogging session in the forest during cardio training or if you want to use cardio equipment such as If you put a treadmill or cross trainer in your luxurious party room, you should find out beforehand what is best for you. With the almost infinite number of manufacturers and providers, it makes perfect sense to inform yourself beforehand in order to avoid (expensive) bad purchases. We have selected a few comparison portals for you that do this work for you. Now you just have to make the right decision!

Practice makes perfect – which exercises guarantee rapid muscle building

How fast you progress in losing weight does not only depend on a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. Intense muscle building training can rapidly accelerate the burning of body fat. A short, intensive split workout can compensate for a cardio unit of several hours in terms of energy requirements! This makes it clear why muscle building training should not be missing in any weight loss plan.

The choice of exercises should, however, be made with great care. Beginners in particular can do a lot wrong with demanding free weight exercises – risk of injury! But most of the exercises are now part of the standard repertoire in many fitness studios and are usually supervised and controlled professionally. In our article about the 10 best exercises for effective muscle building, we have put together exercises that guarantee successful muscle growth!

How to define abs – effective six pack training

We are often asked whether there are any special exercises that can be used to quickly lose weight on the stomach in order to expose the six pack – no, unfortunately not. If you try to transform your untrained body into an attractive beach figure in a few weeks and rely on radical diets, overpriced fitness classes and questionable dietary supplements, you will quickly be disappointed. The desired success is usually not achieved.

The only way that can lead you to that attractive six pack with defined abs is hard work! Only if you have your diet under control, can show enough discipline and complete targeted muscle building training, you have a chance of treading this path quickly.

For this it is inevitable that you at least deal with the fundamental principles of training, physiology and nutrition. If you think that you can “just go and train”, you think completely wrong. This may work for the 0.5% of the genetic elite, but you don’t belong to that group. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article about losing weight.

For this reason, you should just stick to our basic program. With the Hypertrophy Guide for men and women you have all the important basics at hand in one document, which you need to know for really effective training progress. And if you have any questions – just contact us!

How alcohol and smoking destroy training progress

The personal lifestyle makes a decisive contribution to how successful a fitness career is. Too little sleep, a lot of stress, irregular food consumption or excessive party nights contribute to the fact that noticeable training successes are a long time coming. If the body is additionally burdened by regular smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, the consequences are particularly dramatic. The following applies here: The smaller the extent of negative influences, the greater the success of the training. So just give up alcohol and smoking right away and invest your capital in sustainable muscle development!


Losing weight is not child’s play, but with the necessary know-how and a lot of discipline it is a manageable task. If you pay attention to your diet and have your lifestyle under control, you already meet important requirements for weight loss. How successful a weight loss program is also depends on how much time is invested in muscle building training. The right exercise combined with a professional workout plan can maximize fat burning effectiveness.

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