With fun to more fitness – that’s how it works!

Summer is here and some people notice to their dismay that the longed-for dream figure has fallen by the wayside again because the good intentions could not be implemented on time again. Fortunately, it is never too late for a little sport and exercise and so now more than ever motivated people are making a pilgrimage to the gym to lose a little body fat before the upcoming summer months and get fit quickly. But it is well known that motivation is not far off and so the first give up after a few weeks or simply do not find the right desire to be really active. But what is the best way to overcome one’s own weaker self and how does one lure a grumpy sportsman from the sofa?

Permanent motivation during training

Basically, everyone knows that only those who do sport regularly will benefit in the long term. But if there is no permanent motivation, the company is actually doomed to failure. Because if you only do sports to watch a few pounds disappear, for example, you will only be moderately successful with this goal alone. However, it is better and actually decisive that the chosen sport is really fun. We are talking about so-called intrinsic motivation – these are actions that bring about a positively perceived quality of life. The rewarding effect occurs during the activity itself and not afterwards. Regular exercise works much better this way, but it should also be remembered that this does not always have to be found on the first try. In any case, it is advisable not to commit yourself immediately, but to try out a few different sports – because while one may prefer to be active with a ball, the other may be more enthusiastic about music or be motivated by competition with others.

Tips and tricks for more motivation during fitness training

It is well known that many experts and those who would like to be have a number of tips and advice ready to help keep motivation going. Most of these are certainly to be viewed individually, but one or the other trick can definitely help with spontaneous disinclination:

  • No time limits – it can often help not to set too strict guidelines for yourself, this also applies to the times. Because while a course in the gym must always be attended at the specified time, push-ups or a run can be performed independently of the time.
  • Fitness center as a motivator? Even if it is often said: Just because a fitness center is paid dearly every month, in the end it is by no means a reason to really go to training on a regular basis. Because the “guilty conscience” method actually only helps in the rarest of cases. In itself, a fitness studio can still offer a lot, for example a lot of variety, many like-minded people and not to forget an associated wellness area, which should be a lot more motivating. The biggest motivational factor in the gym, however, are the other exercisers. A better form of others not only creates envy, but also motivates immensely to become better!
  • Don’t expect too high – of course, sport should have certain goals and expectations, but too many ambitions can be a hindrance here. Because if the high expectations are not achieved, the sports shoes quickly end up frustrated in the corner again. Beginners in particular should always keep in mind: three or even four exercise units a week are great, but exercise once a week is better than none!
  • Sport in everyday life – if the way to the studio or for a walk through the forest is too arduous, you can at least go to work, school or university by bike be driven. But there are also other possibilities for sport in everyday life, be it the increased use of stairs or getting off the S-Bahn earlier to walk at least a little.

Don’t forget your goals!

Be true to yourself and do not ignore your goals, because sport is usually practiced for a specific reason. Weight loss is not always in the foreground; often those who are interested in sport simply want to build up more muscle mass, more strength or stamina, i.e. to become fitter all round. Accordingly, emphasis should also be placed on a suitable sport so that the goals can be achieved at all. Because while some sports primarily ensure more endurance, others offer more potential for training special body parts – so the choice is also crucial here.

Sports for building muscle

  • Conventional muscle hypertrophy training

So-called hypertrophy training is primarily to be understood as classic weight training in the fitness studio. On the one hand, this is an ideal start thanks to the support of experienced trainers, on the other hand, professional full-body training or split training can achieve an enormous increase in muscle volume and muscle strength, which automatically acts as a motivator. Regardless of whether it is back, triceps, stomach or thighs, the fitness studio enables all-round intensive and effective muscle building training.

Cardio training for more endurance

  • Running / jogging – the most popular endurance sport

The classic among endurance sports is certainly running, which can be done on the treadmill or outdoors as you like. The success can quickly become clear here and even beginners will notice the first changes in their condition after a few weeks. The more regular the training units, the faster there will be successes. A positive side effect: If you complete the cardio unit in the morning, there are more endorphins released in the body, which have a positive effect on the general psyche. The fitness training enables a good-humored start to the day.

Sport as a combination of fun and training

Those who cannot get anything out of the sometimes monotonous running or strength training, on the other hand, resort to other sports that train their stamina on the side and at the same time have many other positive effects. We have summarized the top sports that enable fun and fitness:

Table tennis

A good example is table tennis, which is first and foremost a lot of fun and at first does not seem that demanding, but it also enables a quick start. In addition to fitness, coordination is also promoted here. It is also practical that you do not necessarily have to use a club – with the appropriate equipment you can also train at home. There are of course table tennis tables for indoor and outdoor use from well-known manufacturers such as Kettler, Sunflex or Butterfly, which make the often expensive membership fee for a club superfluous.

Boxing training for more intramuscular coordination

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Boxing is also very versatile, in which, in addition to physical fitness, muscles are built up effectively while improving intramuscular coordination. The exhausting training makes you sweat, promotes fun, the training effect and at the same time serves to reduce stress. Appropriate equipment should also be bought for boxing so that the sport can be carried out without problems. A new punching bag with a tendency towards high impact absorption, high-quality boxing clothing and matching boxing gloves are among the basics

Swimming – ideal full body workout

When you think of fun sports, then the thought of water sports or varied swimming training is not far away. Swimming is the perfect sport for beginners, gentle on the joints, but also makes advanced athletes sweat with a wide variety of techniques and exercises. It is advisable to include at least one or two training sessions a week, set a certain number of lanes and then vary between the swimming techniques. This sport is the right choice, especially for strengthening the back muscles and shoulders!


Whether fitness training, yoga, handball, swimming, boxing, tennis or table tennis – when it comes to sport, ultimately it is not the goal and the will to persevere that are decisive, but above all the fun and the desire to be active. The intended goals shouldn’t fall by the wayside, but without the necessary pleasure in the sport itself, the initial motivation will usually evaporate quickly. This is precisely why it is so important to take your time when choosing a sport and to choose it carefully – and if you have finally found your sport and enjoy being there regularly, the results will not be long in coming.

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