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The booming fitness industry encourages young companies in particular to regularly bring innovative and attractive products onto the market in order to be able to take a little off the sustained positive development.

A trend that leads to an increasing variety of products and falling prices (e.g. in the trade in dietary supplements), but which makes the market increasingly confusing for all fitness enthusiasts. With our review of TransformYourBody today we would like to introduce you to a young supplier who promises what many dream of: A dream body . What is it about the “promise”?

Registration with TransformYourBody (TYB)

TYB is an online-based fitness program that is primarily geared towards the training goals of building muscle and burning fat. The target group can be both male and female. After registration (the main package costs 59 euros, payable by PayPal or bank transfer) you will receive your access data and can start immediately. A free test program is offered for all those who first have to convince themselves personally for such an investment. With the test account you can get an overview of the functionality and operation of TYB, but the use of the content is limited. A fair variant with which you can definitely test the TYB concept without hesitation.

The start

Once you have registered, you will be referred to the carefully compiled and technically high-quality guide from TYB, which briefly and concisely conveys the basic knowledge about fitness training and nutrition. However, the guide is limited to the fundamental basic knowledge (macronutrients, training basics, nutritional concepts, etc.), which makes orientation easier for beginners and advanced users. This also indirectly defines the target group. Ambitious hobby physicians should fall back on correspondingly more extensive specialist literature from the library for their scientific work.

With the necessary basic fitness knowledge in your pocket, you can create your first training plan right away. A small guide will take you through the most important settings, including Set your training goal (build muscle or burn fat), set the training level and specify the training units used for this per week.

Step 2: The nutrition plan

In the next step, you can create your first of seven nutrition plans – a whole weekly plan, so to speak. After entering your training goal, gender, weight, etc., you will be asked in seven steps about your physical activity, habits and rest times so that the system can calculate your calorie requirement and the corresponding distribution of macronutrients as precisely as possible. Based on this calculation, you can now put together your nutrition plan using a food database.

Here it becomes clear that even customized, automated nutrition plans require a little effort on your part. Depending on your individual habits, it can be a bit of a hassle to “complete” your eating plan because the system takes great care to ensure that all macronutrients and energy requirements are met, but not exceeded. This is necessary so that diet and training are as effective as possible and your metabolism is not damaged , but it costs time, which of course only requires a much more expensive and individual full consultation with the doctor or nutritional physiologists “save”.

Of course, the dishes you choose have to match each other so that you don’t exceed your macronutrients after lunch. However, the food database is regularly filled with new dishes and thus enables varied diet planning in the long term.

After you have finished designing the nutrition plan, you can also download it as a PDF document. Recipes are also available free of charge – unfortunately without a photo, but with preparation instructions. Maybe the photos will come?

Step 3: No price without diligence

Even TYB is not a “miracle program” that turns you into a fitness model overnight. If you do not pursue training and nutrition with sufficient discipline, ambition and documentation effort, which, by the way, can also be documented directly in the included “training diary”, even the best fitness program will not achieve any results. It is up to you to implement the useful training and nutrition templates and to pay attention to further customization options so that your training success is maximized. TYB offers a corresponding support who can help you with questions and problems, but you have to lift the weights!

Our conclusion

TYB makes it easier for beginners and advanced learners in particular to get started with effective training and a diet tailored to the training goal. The operation is easy and looks well thought out. From a technical point of view, the described exercises and training plans are correct and useful and attention is drawn to the dangers of training and nutrition. There is also a solution in the event that a user has progressed so far in their training that already designed nutrition and training plans are no longer appropriate: With an account upgrade for 9.95 euros, you can restore your preferences unlock and so for example After a muscle building phase, switch to the definition phase (fat burning) and have the appropriate training and nutrition plans drawn up again. If the food database is regularly replenished with new dishes, an all-round successful offer that is more suitable for beginners.

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