Combined 5 × 5 training for mass building and definition: 5 × 5, 3 × 8 and fatburn

Effective mass building with 5 × 5 training

Our article on 5 × 5 training deals in detail with the advantages of high-intensity 5 × 5 training. With this training method, the exercises are performed in 5 × 5 intervals (5 sets of 5 repetitions). On the fifth repetition, the repetition maximum should be reached. This method of strength training aims to achieve maximum muscle stimulation during training so that the greatest possible growth stimulus is set. Due to the much higher muscle load compared to conventional 3 × 8 training , the muscle is fatigued in five sets up to the load limit. This results in a faster build-up of mass, but the more intensive stress also increases the necessary regeneration time .

You can find out more about repetitions, drop sets or maximum strength training in our article on intensity techniques.

Is 5 × 5 training too one-sided?

It all depends on what training goal you are pursuing. For example, if you have been training for a few months and – contrary to your hopes – do not notice any significant muscle growth, you have to adapt and vary your training to the performance of your body. After a few months of intensive strength training, your body will have adapted to the loads (hypertrophy of the muscles) and muscle growth will begin to stagnate unless the load has increased. In order to set new growth stimuli, you now have to increase the training intensity so that the muscles return to their natural performance limit is brought. Switching to 5 × 5 training is ideal for this. The body experiences a new type of muscle strain that is significantly higher than with conventional 3 × 8 training for the same amount of time.

5 × 5 training plans for beginners, advanced and professionals can be found below in the article on 5 × 5 training.

If you have already built up solid basic muscles through conventional muscle building training (e.g. with a full-body training plan for beginners), but still want to gain muscle mass and also become more defined – that is, “exposure” of the six-pack by burning fat – one is recommended Combination of 5 × 5 training, 3 × 8 training and cardio units.

It must be said explicitly that definition can also be achieved through 5 × 5 training. However, if you do without cardio and fatburn units in 5 × 5 training plans, this can only be achieved through an extremely strict nutrition plan, which would go too far even for many nutrition-conscious strength athletes. (You can find out how you can lose fat without restricting your diet too much here and in our other articles on nutrition)

Training plan: 5 × 5 units in combination with 3 × 8 and Fatburn

In this training plan we want to combine the advantages of 5 × 5 muscle building training with those of conventional 3 × 8 training and boost fat burning with additional fatburn units. This training plan aims to build up as much lean muscle mass as possible in order to achieve a handsome definition and at the same time carry out a varied workout. A strict diet is not intended in principle. adequate nutrition, in which the body does not receive significantly more carbohydrates and fats than necessary, is also crucial for this training.

The structure of the 5 × 5 training plan

In this training plan we focus on mass building . We do this by performing the basic exercises, which often involve many muscles of the same muscle group, in 5 × 5 intervals. On pull days (to pull: back, biceps, shoulder), lat pulldowns, deadlifts and biceps curls should be performed in 5 × 5 variations. Shoulder and neck muscles are also trained in 3 × 8 variations. On push days (to push: chest, triceps) the main exercises would be bench press and triceps push-ups in 5 × 5 sets, while dips and crunches (for the abdominal muscles) are supplementary exercises be trained in normal execution.

In order to make the definition and fat burning effective during the 5 × 5 training, cardio and fatburn units are completed during a “leg day” in addition to the 5 × 5 mass building units. This combination results in optimal fat burning during training and thus leads to definition while building mass at the same time.

The basic principle of the 3-part split training plan with a and b days is used for a varied workout, which also boosts muscle building. This enables optimal and varied training in 3 × 8 execution.

The 5 × 5 training plan with 3 × 8 elements and fatburn units is available for you as a free download . Feel free to post your questions or training feedback in the comments.

Have fun training!

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